Babazen's quick guide to dropshipping with us


Babazen's quick guide to dropshipping with us

UPDATE:  We still work with independent artists, artisans, and influencers. But due to COVID-19 related disruptions to our supply chain, we have suspended our dropshipping program and our affiliate program in May 2020. It is planned to reopen in the near future.

If you're interested in a more academic approach to decision-making for a start-up, our work with Ohio University is also available online. 

This is Babazen's quick guide to dropshipping with us. If you're new to dropshipping or online sales, you might wanna check our step by step guide to dropshipping instead.

To start dropshipping with us:

1. Create an account on our shop 

2. Contact us about it to get a discount over retail prices.

3. A discount code that works with your member account email will be provided to be used at checkout. Dropship sellers get 20% off of retail prices.

4. A list of items (in CSV format) will also be shared with you. This list has all our product descriptions and images. It can be edited and imported to your store manually.

5. If you want to synchronize your inventory with a dropshipping supplier, Inventory Source offers automation with a supplier directory where you can find merchants such as Babazen. You can create a free account to check the supplier directory right here: Inventory Source .

We offer free shipping to US. Our International shipping fees are $8 per item on average. A tracking number is provided for every order.

We work with artisans and only feature handmade products. Unique items from around the world are kept here for quick US-to-US delivery. On average, we process shipments in 2-5 business days. We also present a selection of made-to-order items. These might take a few more days to ship.

We do not allow resales on Amazon. It's strictly forbidden to sell our products on Etsy. You need to have ownership of the product to sell on Etsy and only the artisans do, so they have the exclusive right to sell on Etsy.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck!