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About us

Babazen is a worker-owned boutique gift shop, by the self-employed, for the self-employed. We're home to unique and beautiful items that are handmade by artisans, and homemade by designers.

We bring you the perfect gift basket tailored for the occasion and personalized for you.

On average, we process shipments in a week. Some items are made to order and can take longer to ship. We offer free shipping to the US on all products. Check our return policy and shipping policy

We always work with independent artists, artisans, and influencers. Check our partners page for details.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Our founder Korhan Uran has been living in the US since 2013. He has also founded a video & music production company, an advertising agency, and a software company.

In his new home as a citizen of the United States, and in his hometown of Istanbul, Korhan Uran worked with exceptional freelance talents as independent contractors.

Notable projects include

Korhan Uran has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Master of Science in Systems Engineering. During his time as an assistant at Ohio University, he developed an educational video game to teach new students multiple criteria decision-making. His thesis is an academic approach to decision-making for new starters.

Our software company is focused on creating Digital Assistants and Virtual Art Making Tools, animated with motion tracking, and brought to life with Cloud integrated AI. Our most current project is entitled VirtualArtMaker and it is being used to create parts of our commercials.

We know how to get new artists and artisans started. We love working with local influencers and moving them from social media to the Metaverse by capturing their dances and animating 3D characters with tools used in film and television, in such examples as The Mandalorian and The Matrix Resurrections.

Our mixed reality studio and production capabilities are at the disposal of Independent Contractors, people who work from home just like we do. We know your affinity for freedom and independence because it is what we have cherished the most all our lives and we are looking forward to working with you.

VirtualArtMaker is our production tool and artificial intelligence powered assistant. It is currently based on an old version of the Unity Engine. It is moving to the Unreal Engine that powers The Matrix Awakens, in order to make use of API hooks such as OpenGPT integration, nvidia AI based animation, Metahuman Facial Motion Workflow with Faceware, and Stable Diffusion.

The final version of VirtualArtMaker will be your shopping assistant allowing you to customize our one of a kind products that can be personalized, while also chatting with you, mirroring your movements to showcase the product on itself or animating another character for the same purpose.

VirtualArtMaker is a tool for us to place social influencers in mixed reality environments with products that are customized and personalized by the customer by chatting with the AI and keeping you company. Influencers are immortalized in Virtual Reality with their digital doubles that do not age. The influencers keep full control of their rights, as all the independents artists that we work with do.

VirtualArtMaker is also a virtual assistant custom made to provide a great shopping experience and to keep you engaged and entertained, while also providing us a virtual production tool to showcase new designs.

We are in the Appalachian region, Lancaster Ohio, and we are focused on making a change together with other people who want to “live and let live” in any region of the world that is affected by the creative destruction that economic cycles and mechanization brings. Whenever resources are available to us, we work with nonprofits with a like-minded approach to lifting each other up, and we do it for free through our sister nonprofit organization (in forming stages) also located in Ohio.


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We make our own kind of rainbow together,
Under the umbrella that we hold together.

Korhan Uran