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Gift Basket from Babazen

Regular price $100.00 Sale price $42.00

A gift basket for a loved one. You get both discounts if the items were already on sale on Babazen. The best gifts in life are Zen. We make our own kid of rainbow.

  • Every basket of gifts is carefully chosen from what's displayed on our shop, with a total worth of no less than $100, giving you a huge discount.
  • You can select "custom" to specify exactly what you want, and that also gets you a great deal.
  • You can pick the gold plated custom design option to further elevate your gift giving game, and have one of the gifts on your basket gold plated. This gold plating upgrade can also be applied to custom design gift cards and invitations.
  • If you pick the digital option and use this basket to gift $100 worth of custom design digital content, you don't have to use all of your budget at once.
  • Deluxe VIP Express package can include new products that are not yet listed on our catalogue. It is designed for faster shipping and its contents change daily.

Our budget always goes to handmade products, home made products, freelance services, sponsoring an act for a local artist.

This offer is only valid if purchased on while stocks last.

This is a non refundable item.
A gift basket will be sent your way. 
You either keep it, or gift it to your neighbor. 
Thank you kindly.

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